All kinds of stuff that I've drawn

I've been drawing all sorts of things my whole life. As a kid I went to a few drawing and painting courses, but after that I drew mainly at school. 2001 I got interested in drawing again, and 2002 I first went to an actual drawing course at a local academy. We always have a live model in class. Most of these pictures were made in that course, but some were made at home or in train. I have a gallery in Elfwood with some more old drawings. I don't mind getting critique, but I do know my own limits. The teacher of my course always tries to encourage me to be more artistic, but he's not very successful with it...
You can see a bigger version of the picture by clicking the thumbnail. Be a dear, and don't copy any of these without my permission, please.

Makaava tyttö - Sleeping girl

First drawing in my "drawing from live model"-course. charcoal, 2002

Makaava tyttö väreissä - Sleeping girl in colour

An "improved" version of that sketch above. Background was surprising difficult to do. Photoshop, 2003

Istuva tyttö - Girl on a chair

A drawing made in drawing course. I like this one. charcoal, 2004

Toinen istuva tyttö - Sitting girl

The last drawing I made in the drawing course this spring. It was fun to do the shades with a small marker, and I think it looks good, too. mechanical pencil and marker, 2004

Liskokuningas - King of lizards

One IRC-friend of my told me to draw a lizard-king, so here you go Rilex. I'll probably colour this in Photoshop one day. mechanical pencil, 2001

Väritetty liskokuningas - King of lizards in colour

Same picture as before, but coloured with markers, which didn't work out the way I wanted to. mechanical pencil and markers, 2001

Mr. Ruph

Another IRC-friend of mine asked me to draw this/inspired me to draw this (can't remember which, thanks anyway Spacey ;-)). I do remember that I draw this one on a train going from Jyväskylä to Helsinki. mechanical pencil, 2001

Jouluhaltia - Xmas elf

A christmas present for a group of IRC-friends (#bng). Sorry, that I never finished it. mechanical pen, 2001 or 2002

Kasvot - Faces

I sketched this one at a beach near Hanko. When a guy who was also there at the time passed away, I coloured this. The faces aren't the best I've drawn, but I still like them. mechanical pencil and Photoshop, 2002-2003

Rukoileva tyttö - A praying girl

Drawn in 20 minutes with the same markers I used to destroy the king of lizards. markers, 2003

Piirretty kuva musta - A drawing of me

I met a Brazilian priest on train. I was drawing while we talked, and he wanted to draw my picture. In return I draw him a praying man. We've met once after that, in Stockmann in Helsinki. mechanican pencil, 2002

Luonnos linnasta - A sketch of a castle

A friend of mine showed me the Rasterbator, and I decided I need some kind of poster made with that technic to my wall. Because I couldn't find any picture from the www that I would've liked, I draw one. This is a sketch made in 20 minutes. mechanical pencil, 2004

Linna - A castle

The next phase of the castle. The first black and white picture I've done on computer. Photoshop, 2004

Valmis linna - The castle on my wall

This is the same castle after Rasterbator. Its size is 4 x 10 A4-sized papers, which means it's 2.1 m wide.

Pikapiirroksia - Croquis

Some croquis-drawings from my drawing class. Croquis means a quick and often sketchy drawing. Marker, 2006-2007.

Pikapiirroksia - Croquis

Some more croquis-drawings. Marker, 2006-2007.

Pikapiirroksia - Croquis

Even more croquis-drawings. Marker, 2006-2007.

Hiilipiirros - Charcoal-drawing

Ordinary drawing from the same drawing course. Charcoal, 2006.

Lyijytäytekynäpiirros - Mechanical pencil sketch

Mechanical pencil, 2004.

Tussipiirros - Marker-drawing

Marker, 2004.

Hiilipiirros - Charcoal-drawing

Charcoal, 2005.

Lyijytäytekynäpiirros - Mechanical pencil sketch

Mechanical pencil, 2007.

Hiilipiirros - Charcoal-drawing

Charcoal, 2006.

Lyijytäytekynäpiirros - Mechanical pencil sketch

Mechanical pencil, 2005.

Hiilipiirros - Charcoal-drawing

Charcoal, 2006.

Hiilipiirros - Charcoal-drawing

Charcoal, 2006.