I’m a woman, close to 40 years old, living in Helsinki, Finland (map) with my boyfriend. I went to school in Espoo, and then moved to Jyväskylä a bit further North to study information systems science. I went to school in Espoo, and then I moved to Jyväskylä to study information systems science. That resulted in a degree of Master’s in Economics.
I came back to Helsinki when I started looking for work. For a little while I acted as social media manager in a small mobile app business, and then I handled social media for a large international company. After that I started my own business, which is still going strong. I design and build websites, and do all sorts of consultation on online communications.
Most of my time I spend online doing more or less useful things. I also travel, read, write, and watch too much tv. I also tend to play games on the computer.
I have been volunteering in some Finnish disability organisations (Lihastautiliitto ry, Kynnys ry) in the local and national level. I was also involved in The Student Union of the University of Jyväskyläfor a few years. My lates volunteering has been at SMA Finland ry, Hengityslaitepotilaat ry, andHeta-liitto.

Even though I sit in an electric wheelchair, I haven’t let it ruin my life. I travel and do everything “other” people do as well.

If you want to know something, just ask. I won’t bite.

The best way to reach me is by e-mail, wepsi@wepsi.com. You might also find me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. My use of IRC is declining.

My sister started calling me wepsi when I was small. Probably because my toydog was called Vipsi. When I started using IRC (= chatting online)I had to choose a user name. I didn’t want to use my own name, and wepsi was all I could think of. I was supposed to change it when I came up with a better one, and this was in 1997. i couldn’t tihnk of anything else except wepsi, so thought I’ll change it later. That was 1997, and wepsi has been the best option so far.
The original wepsi-can (below) was made by a friend in 1998 The new version by me in 2012. Real world version is from 2014.

Silly stories about me

Before her relocation, wepsi was a bN asset placed at the embassy in Malta. On the night of the 7th, she intercepted a cable from our common enemy Lord Chassley indicating a plot to steal the archduke’s bearer bonds.
Regrettably, she had been seduced by a waiter during her dinner that night at the chateau chapeau d’âne and so was profoundly intoxicated with lust and Absinthe by the time the car pulled up to the depository and its trunk opened to reveal a midget with a broadsword.
The midget, who was later identified as a retired jockey apparently talked into the caper after several shots of Laudanum, managed to snatch the bonds and the word on the street is that he was last seen passing the financials off to a vampire circus midget selling hot dogs on Seventh Avenue.