I have always read a lot, chatted online and come up with different kind of stories. At some point I figured I should put these stories on paper. Maybe some day I’ll actually publish something.

Most of my writing isn’t very creative. It involves e-mails, social media posts, plans and reports.

I started studying creative writing at the open university, and they required a study journal on most courses. I ended up making the journal a public blog.

This blog includes writing related themes as well as thoughts on studying, Some of the posts include my assignments. Everything is in Finnish.

Travle blog related to my studies. One assigment included blogging about travelling and analyzing the texts. Everything is in Finnish.

I’m the employer to many personal assistants, so I have read hundreds of job applications. Many years ago I started giving out tips on how to write a better (perfect?) job application. Everything is in Finnish.

I'm writing a blog!

After years of thinking I decided to start my own proper blog, with no set theme. The writings will include life, society, employerhood (is that a word?), making a change, pop-culture, internet…

All opinions presented in the blog are my own. They might not be shared by my company or other organizations, where I’m active.

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