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I love to travel, a lot. For the first 18 years of my life I travelled mostly with my parents, but after that mainly with one or two of my personal assistants. Unfortunately I can't travel much, because it costs so much. I always have to pay the flights and accommodation for the person travelling with me, unless I get financial support from somewhere. I try to go somewhere at least once a year, as you can see from the list above.

London 2002

Some pics from my trip to London. I was there only for 5 days, which wasn't nearly long enough. We stayed at the Royal National Hotel near the British Museum. The hotel was very accessible, and in a good location. We were able to walk to most destinations. Otherwise we used a taxi to get around, since my wheelchair and me in it could fit inside the black cabs easily (the top of my head was 5cm from the ceiling).

East Coast of USA 2005

This time I had two assistants with me. We first went by train from Boston to New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC, and then hopped in to a rental car and drove down the coast all the way to Miami Beach. The trip was awesome, but 19 days wasn't nearly enough to see everything.

New York/Texas 2007

I loved New York when I was there for the first time, so I just had to get back. We stopped there on our way to San Antonio, Texas, where I met quite a few friends of mine. In New York we stayed in the Pennsylvania Hotel. It was the cheapest wheelchair-accessible hotel I could find in midtown Manhattan, but it worked well for us.