The links below have been gathered through the years. Some have stayed in the list for 13 years and some are brand new. If you think something needs to be added or removed, feel free to contact me.

These might be useful

Things that will take all of your time

Just for fun

Useful companies run by people I know

SMA-organization from USA

A Finnish organization for disabled people's rights

Finnish muscular disease association

Something to do for young disabled people in Finland

Union for the employers of personal assistants

The Genealogical Society of Finland, has church records etc online

Learn how to draw, duh

Looking for a luxury hotel?

How to treat someone in a wheelchair

Connect with other academic people

Plant-discussion, in Finnish

Study for free with these courses made by MIT

For Finnish freelancers

Shorten your links

Tired of boring slideshows? Try these

Free to use stock photographs

See how different colours work together

More stripes than you need

Create QR-codes from any web address

Convert any measurement to any other measurement

Generator for useless text

Everything CIA wants you to know about the countries in the world

Learn to do stuff

Click a button and see hours go by

Weird news, weird sites, weird people

All sorts of news and discussion

Fantasy and sci-fi art

Background documents on many things

See if the rumours are true (that chainletter is not)

Release the red box

Classic Atari games online

Text-based adventures, including Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Recognise songs and bands

Some people don't know what to do in Facebook

Finnish version of Failbook

Writing on a phone is a challenge

People live in strange places

Photoshopping is a skill some people don't have

Doing simple things with a computer can be difficult

IRC can be silly

Some clients don't know what they want

Everything you need to know about board games

Make your own motivating poster

Measure areas with Google Maps

Skippy shouldn't do many things

Abandoned buildings can be pretty

Different theories on how the world will end

Insane - asylum plans or insane asylum - plans

How to success in ruling the world

Different take on Peanuts

People are weird

More free books than you need

Stories about life

More philosophical comic

Studying is a challenge

Two cats doing cat-stuff

Even stick-figures can make good comics

Coaching and training for companies

PR agency

Share your expertise across organisational boundaries

Helping you organise your stuff

Training about social media