is a tag in Twitter that I used when applying for work in the fall 2011. I asked people I know to tell why I should be hired. The search continues... I'm mainly looking for a full-time job in Finland, but short projects with telecommuting are fine too.www.luovakookos.fi will tell you more about my freelancing business in Finnish.

If you are looking for my resume, try here.
If you are looking for a freelancer for projects inside and outside Finland, keep reading. If the job would be located outside the Helsinki metropolitan area I prefer telecommuting. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I can work at home on my own computer for anyone across the world. Please contact me for further information.

My main area of expertise is social media and online communication in general.

I can do consulting, or help you with communication plans when they involve social media. Customer service in social media is also something I can do.

I also design webpages. I can help with the general layout, graphics, and content design. Actual coding can be negotiated.

I have been doing some translation work between English and Finnish, from webpages to IT documents.