About me

I'm a woman, a bit over 30 years old, living in Helsinki, Finland (map) with my boyfriend. I went to school in Espoo, and then moved to Jyväskylä a bit further North to study information systems science. I came back to Helsinki when I started looking for work. For a little while I acted as social media manager in a small mobile app business, but now I'm looking for work again.
Most of my time I spend with social media and online communications. When I'm not on the computer I draw (see here for some of my work), read and do crafts (crocheting, bead-work, sewing...). I also tend to play games on the computer, like Skyrim or GTA. I love travelling.
I have been volunteering in some Finnish disability organisations in the local and national level. At some point I did things for the student association.
Even though I sit in an electric wheelchair, I haven't let it ruin my life. I travel and do everything "other" people do as well.

If you want to know something, just ask. I won't bite.

The best way to reach me is by e-mail wepsi{a}wepsi.com. You might find me also on Facebook, Twitter and IRC (IRCNet and FDFNet)

Silly story about me